Project Management

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Project Management

Project management offers value for any size business, and does not require a large investment of cash capital to establish. In order to minimize risk and set a small business up for success.  We believe that any business can benefit from some form of formal project management.  Project management can enable you to move quickly or, equally important, provide you with techniques to analyze whether your plans will produce satisfactory results. Here are our steps to project management:

  • Determine project plan: the entire planning process from step 1 to the end result of the project. (this is not the project timeline)
  • Determine the roles of the group: establishing the roles within the group i.e. team vendors, project manager..
  • Kickoff Meeting/Conference Call: initial meeting to introduce everyone and officially launch the project
  • Develop project timeline and budget: create the schedule and budget to stay organized and on task
  • Create a task management plan: create this weekly or as often as manager sees fit (color code the plan!)
  • Communication is essential: set up weekly or monthly calls/meetings where the teams can show where they are (every meeting/call, recognize one member from each group to give a little praise and thanks to to reestablish the good environment)

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