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Adopting the Clean Desk Policy

Time To Clean!! Today we are going to be talking about something that seems so horrific and is typically unwanted at this time but is also very necessary at this point. CLEANING OUT YOUR DESK! Yes it is time…all those old files and random loose leaf papers need to be tossed. It doesn’t have to…
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Time For Spring Cleaning!

Spring is on its way and with spring, comes spring cleaning! This month we are going to focus on how spring cleaning can be implemented into your businesses and how useful it is. Companies can gather lots of junk and clutter without even really knowing it and it can clog up your systems or take up…
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Steps to Clean Up Your Business

A big problem with revamping your business to fit the new world is all of the built up clutter and baggage from old clients or advertising techniques or even just random paperwork from years ago that should’ve been thrown in the wood chipper along with the dying fads of the 80’s. First step to cleaning…
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