Adopting the Clean Desk Policy

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Adopting the Clean Desk Policy

Time To Clean!!

Today we are going to be talking about something that seems so horrific and is typically unwanted at this time but is also very necessary at this point. CLEANING OUT YOUR DESK!

Yes it is time…all those old files and random loose leaf papers need to be tossed.

It doesn’t have to be a big chore though! You can adopt a little something I like to call the Clean Desk Policy. It consists of three simple steps.

1.) PLAN first thing in the morning

Think about what you will need for the day and put the rest of the unnecessary items away. Place them neatly in your desk for later or in a cabinet where they won’t be forgotten but don’t leave them laying about on your desk!

2.) PROTECT information whenever you leave your desk

If you have any sensitive or important details laying about where anyone can view them, you are not doing your job properly. When you get up to take a break or head to a meeting, put those files away in a folder off to the side of your desk and put your desktop in sleep mode. This will help keep the information safe and keep prying eyes away.

3.) PICK UP at the end of the day

Finally time to go home but wait, there are things all over your desk…don’t just walk away from them and make your future self deal with them, pick them up and put them where they go. Now you can head home with a clear mind and come back tomorrow to a clean desk!

Since this is more of a chore and larger task to some, you can schedule some time on your calendar to have a set time to get these things done. Mark a day on a calendar that you constantly look at so you don’t forget.

Sometimes it isn’t just one person who needs this, sometimes it’s the entire office. How would you make an office full of people clean their desks? Make it a policy! Then reinforce the policy! Keep reminders around the office and appoint a couple of employees to make sure their certain sections are kept clean.

Once this becomes habit, the office will feel much nicer than before and everyone will be a little happier with clean work spaces!