The Social Tree: Facebook & Twitter

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The Social Tree: Facebook & Twitter

The biggest tool when it comes to social media marketing is the actual platforms. Facebook & Twitter are two of the most popular social media sites that are widely used throughout the globe. Social media is not just for fun, it’s also for the use of businesses. ¬†With the correct use of social media, anyone can expand their business and successfully advertise their company.

The trick with using Facebook for business is using the network to your advantage. Facebook goes everyone and is an international network so you can reach people you normally wouldn’t be able to from your local store. Facebook has very simple tutorials to set up a page or ad for your business. It’s an easy process that will help you out in the long run, but only if you manage this page properly. Ignoring or not putting much effort into your postings or quality will make your page fall into the abyss of “boring” pages.

When using Twitter for business, the most helpful thing to do is constantly post. Don’t just post a whole bunch of random junk though, post things that your audience will be interested in and don’t forget to post things about your business too. Status updates about any projects or goals that have been completed are hooks and will reel in new viewers.

Pictures, pictures, pictures!! Adding an image to a post or status update is a wonderful idea. The picture has to be relevant to the words obviously. Since we live in a rushed world, not everyone wants to stop and read a post but they do want to see an interesting picture that summarizes the text.