The Social Tree: Instagram & Pinterest

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The Social Tree: Instagram & Pinterest

Pinterest is mainly used by women so marketing things such as cosmetics or clothing on Pinterest is so beneficial to your company! Things can be easily bookmarked or “pinned” and looked at later. Since Pinterest isn’t necessarily a social media platform like Twitter or Facebook, it is harder to create a page, but what you can do instead is create a board. Boards are collections of pins that relate to a certain topic. For example, here someone has made a board about food.

A board can be made up of anything and this is where business comes in. Creating a board about your products and services is super easy and the pins in that board can be turned into Promotional Pins. These are pins that will show up on other people’s searches that are relevant to the subject of your pins. Pinterest is great for the crafty or artsy companies along with the cosmetic and beauty related businesses!


Instagram. The photography app. Everyone loves to post and like cool pictures so why not use this to your business’ advantage? By posting pictures of your goods and services, you can easily advertise your company without the hassle of creating billboards or ads and jumping through the hoops of getting the advertisements put up. The only big task on Instagram is getting followers which isn’t too difficult with the help of Instagram’s business account!