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The Social Tree: Facebook & Twitter

The biggest tool when it comes to social media marketing is the actual platforms. Facebook & Twitter are two of the most popular social media sites that are widely used throughout the globe. Social media is not just for fun, it’s also for the use of businesses. ¬†With the correct use of social media, anyone…
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The Social Tree

Before the internet, all the advertisements either came from the town grapevine or newspapers. Now we have commercials, ads, magazines, and the internet to advertise our products and services. The best thing to do with the tools you’re given (social media) is to use them to expand your business! So many people are using social…
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Keep It Together!

It’s the end of this month and our topic so now it is time to wrap up our spring cleaning. Don’t forget to keep implementing policies and systems to keep the office organized and functioning smoothly! One of the most helpful of the policies we discussed was the Clean Desk Policy. It helps keep your…
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