Updating the Media

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Updating the Media

Old and outdated posts or pictures need to GO! These just clutter up your timeline and have no useful purpose anymore.

Cleaning and updating your company’s social medias and website is a large part of redefining your business.  By updating your media and keeping everything fresh, you are able to appeal to the needs of the 21st century and intrigue browsers to check out your business.

First step to cleaning and updating your media is deleting any old or out of date posts that are no longer relevant anymore. This will help clean up your timeline and make your account more appealing. Once you’ve cleaned out the old posts, you can now go around and update your accounts. A couple ways to do this are:

  • Uploading a new profile pic
  • Update your cover photo
  • Post frequently about relevant news in the world around your company’s industry
  • Make sure to upload photos with your posts to catch the reader’s eye

Now your social media is freshened up and you can move onto other things, like your website!

Websites are the biggest way consumers connect with a business nowadays because it is the way they can easily discover who you are.

Your website needs to reflect who you are and what you do. If you have pictures or articles from years ago that are completely irrelevant now, they can be deleted or taken down. Add in more recent pictures that represent your business and find articles or reviews that your target audience would enjoy. Make your website appealing to your targeted group of people so that they will be more intrigued to read about who you are.

Biggest tip for keeping everything updated: Check and post daily to weekly! This will make sure you don’t get behind on your interactions across the internet and will keep your page relevant.