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Let’s Go Paperless!

Are you sick of all of the random papers and clutter everywhere? Paper is so outdated and retro now because everything is online! Even the daunting tax and accounting work is online. No more overflowing files with years and years of forms. AYSG is here to take all of your papers and file them away,…
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The Social Tree: LinkedIn & YouTube

It’s now nearing the end of our month and to close up, I will be discussing two more social media tools in your belt: LinkedIn and YouTube. Both of these are very useful and can help expand your business’ presence on the web. YouTube is used for videos that range from makeup tutorials to podcasts…
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The Social Tree: Instagram & Pinterest

Pinterest is mainly used by women so marketing things such as cosmetics or clothing on Pinterest is so beneficial to your company! Things can be easily bookmarked or “pinned” and looked at later. Since Pinterest isn’t necessarily a social media platform like Twitter or Facebook, it is harder to create a page, but what you…
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