The Social Tree

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The Social Tree

Before the internet, all the advertisements either came from the town grapevine or newspapers. Now we have commercials, ads, magazines, and the internet to advertise our products and services. The best thing to do with the tools you’re given (social media) is to use them to expand your business! So many people are using social media to connect that it would be a waste to not jump on the virtual web train.

Now it may seem like a huge deal to manage a business physically and keep up with social media accounts daily, but it truly isn’t. Just a quick post every day and a bigger post every couple of days is all it really requires. For the little mom and pop shops, social media will seem unnecessary but it is quite the opposite! It can help attract more customers by spreading the old fashioned feel of the business through cute pictures posted by tourists or foodie pictures that use hashtags.

Social media is not an area reserved for chain businesses or the big like Coca-Cola or Pepsi. Social media is for everyone to use and that’s what makes it so great! Anyone can use it and with the quick tutorials, it can be easily used too.

Once the social accounts are set up, the next step is creating a plan! Just a rough outline of what a week or month should look like with postings and topics is really only what’s necessary at this stage. A more detailed plan can be developed later but for now, you are ready to tweet and post and like!