The Social Tree: LinkedIn & YouTube

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The Social Tree: LinkedIn & YouTube

It’s now nearing the end of our month and to close up, I will be discussing two more social media tools in your belt: LinkedIn and YouTube. Both of these are very useful and can help expand your business’ presence on the web.

YouTube is used for videos that range from makeup tutorials to podcasts to how to repair an iPhone. This makes it quite the diverse area and the best area to advertise your company. You can either place ads on YouTube so they pop up with similar searches or you can post videos about your company. If you are a chef or an artist, this can be helpful for an area to place videos of your creations. Whether you need to upload a video about the most recent project you completed or a video that elaborates about your business, YouTube is the perfect tool for this.

LinkedIn is very beneficial for not only companies, but also the individuals. This is similar to Facebook in ways but it acts more of a way to advertise yourself or your business and let others view you based upon their interests and  followers. Here you can establish a page for your company and invite people to it so that they can view who you are, what you do, how many employees you have, where you give services to, and much more. Along with creating a page, you can also create job opportunities and post them to the public. For those who want to network with other companies or possible shareholders and investors, LinkedIn is the best place to go to.

This month, I talked about the benefits of social media to a company and profiled six different social media platforms that can be used. To reiterate, social media is a wonderful tool in our new-age tech based world because everyone is typically influenced by out of home advertisements. The readers see these things from their timelines or because one of their friends re-tweeted something. I implore you to choose to open up one of these applications and create a page for your business! Check back with us next Wednesday to see our new topic!